Redefine LLC is comprised of passionate therapists whose greatest desire is to grow and strengthen the clients they work with. Our mission is to pursue wholeness.


We are specialized in working with very young children and parenting struggles.  We often work with child care providers to create the optimal environment for functioning.


We work with a wide range of childhood problems, including but not limited to anxiety, school difficulties, sibling conflict, encopresis, and trauma.


Adolescence can be a challenging stage.  We support their emerging independence while facilitating healthy family relationships.  Common problems addressed may include self-esteem, social skills, academic performance, and goal setting.


Couples at different stages enter therapy looking to grow and strengthen their relationship.  This is a private pay service.  We offer pre-marital counseling using PREPARE-ENRICH inventory to tailor-fit session.  Marital therapy is also available and can help improve communication and conflict resolution skills, as well as deepen the emotional connection.


We often run groups for a low cost.  These can vary from social skills groups for kids, adolescent self-esteem and identity strengthening, to female marital focus groups.


We offer a variety of topics to the community in a workshop format.   Topics can be tailored to fit the organizational needs.  Some topics include: Signs of Suicide Risk, Managing Toddler Tantrums in Child Care Setting, Healthy vs Unhealthy Dating Relationships.