Alicia Wimsatt, LPC-Associate

Supervised by Shawna Storey-Lovin, LPC-S #65651

Alicia Wimsatt


Alicia has been working with individuals with mental healthcare needs since 2010. She has worked extensively with individuals across the lifespan with intellectual disabilities, ADHD, and Autism including behavioral modification, advocacy work, and family/provider interventions. Additionally, she has extensive work in crisis intervention, pervasive mental illness having worked with local mental health clinics, as a on-call crisis clinician, and in an inpatient psychiatric hospital setting. Alicia has experience working with individuals in the criminal justice system and has extensive training and work in helping individuals maneuver the grief process.

Alicia is passionate about helping children and adolescents, families, couples and individuals maneuver life’s obstacles, management of emotions, promoting changed behaviors and boundaries, navigating a new mental health diagnosis, and promoting the utmost love of oneself. She also helps individuals become resilient in the grief process and overcome the immense feelings and emotions of loss. Alicia aspires to help families become a successful unit by reducing conflict in relationships, increasing support to each other, and improved overall family functioning.

She specializes in working with individuals with overall anxiousness, depression, difficulty managing anger, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, and poor boundaries/people pleasing behaviors. She also works with professionals in high stress jobs/situation (loves seeing other therapist/clinicians), family members/friends coping with substance use of a loved one, and single parent/provider families.  She has extensive clinical/personal experience working with individuals with ADHD, mood disorders, and Autism.

Education and Experience

Alicia holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Capella University where she graduated with distinction. Alicia completed her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Bachelors Degree in Child Learning and Development at the University of Texas at Dallas. Alicia completed her mental health counseling internship at the Helen Farabee Centers (local mental health agency) in Wise County where she worked in crisis intervention, integration of mental health services into the criminal justice system, and with pervasive mental illness. Additionally, Alicia has worked in an inpatient psychiatric hospital aiding individuals and families maneuver a mental health crisis. Alicia worked with individuals with primary diagnoses of mood disorders aiding them in symptom management, coping skills, and improving daily functioning. Prior to transitioning to the mental health care field, Alicia spent 9 years working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Autism, and ADHD and their families/foster care providers with behavior modification, intervention, advocacy, and case management.

Clinical Approach

Alicia’s approach to counseling isn’t a “one-size fit all approach.” She tailors her approach and intervention individually to each of her clients. She thrives in the use of Solution-Focused and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with use of faith-based insights and interventions to bring the client the most improved functioning.

Alicia’s style is casual, including humor while bringing up issues directly and gently. Alicia’s motto for her clinical approach is “Helping YOU to love YOU and bring back You!”. Alicia advocates and helps individuals implement self-care, improve self-esteem, establish personal boundaries, and find their value and self-worth.

Areas of Practice

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Emotional and behavioral regulation associated with ADHD, Autism, and intellectual disabilities.
  • Healthy boundaries and people-pleasing behaviors
  • Trauma
  • Stress management
  • Family relationships
  • Conflict resolution, anger management
  • Faith-based counseling
  • Maneuvering loss through the grief process
  • Single parent families
  • Mood disorders
  • Crisis intervention including self-harm and suicidality


  • Children Ages 3+ and up
  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Families


Alicia is a born and raised Native Texan. She is married and has two sons. She is an avid gardener, iced coffee lover, and a lover for all things football. She enjoys spending time outside and enjoys traveling in her camper and fishing with her family. Alicia is an active member of her church and enjoys being a servant to the children’s ministry on Sundays!

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