Christian Counseling

Faith-Based Christian Counseling Services Available

  • Do you want Christian counseling to address the anxiety or depression you’re feeling?
  • Are you looking for Christian marriage, family therapy, or counseling for your children?
  • Does the thought of seeing a counselor without the same moral beliefs and worldview worry you?
  • Have you seen a Christian counselor and found it to be no different than working with someone of the world?

Christian counselors do a disservice to offer counseling no differently than the world.

During a vulnerable time in life, most Christians want to work with someone they trust who wouldn’t influence them away from faith.

At Redefine, although we work with people regardless of their beliefs, we specialize in Christian counseling in Keller, TX and surrounding areas. We also offer Christian counseling throughout the state of Texas via telehealth.

Many places in our society have made it difficult for Christians to find a safe place to go for professional help. Christians want to go to therapy without the fear that they’ll be given bad advice when they are wanting wisdom in a time of need.

Christian counseling is for individuals who want to:

  • Confidently hear God’s voice and in a critical time of life.
  • Be gracefully reminded of their identity in Christ, without feeling  condemnation for the struggles they’re having.
  • Learn practical steps to honor their spouse during conflict.
  • Discipline their kids without crushing their children’s hearts or losing their own minds.
  • Set boundaries of honor in relationships.
  • Redirect teens who are rebelling towards a life of faith and relationship with Jesus, and not control through religion.
  • Challenge depressive or anxious thoughts and lean into the Word of God for strength.

Our counselors are trained to provide safe, judgment-free, professional mental health services that are grounded in biblical truth and lean into the prompting of the Holy Spirit for guidance in the process of counseling. We offer Individual, Couples, Family and Children & Teen Counseling services. Christian Counseling services are offered in English or Spanish languages. 

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